GPN18:GPN18 Munch: Meetup of kink-minded people during GPN18

aus dem Wiki des Entropia e.V., CCC Karlsruhe
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Ein Vortrag von raven auf der GPN18.

Afterwards, around 18:00, some of us are going to [Baumwollseil](

Shamelessly copied from [Whipped Cream Zurich]( :

    • About**

[Munches]( are social gatherings for folks interested in BDSM or fetish activities. They take place in public places, like bars and restaurants. No sexual activity or BDSM play happens there: the goal is only to meet, chat, and share drinks with like-minded people. Conversation topics may be kinky or not, depending on the comfort level and mood of participants.

Since these events happen in public places, we ask participants to be considerate of the other guests. In particular, you should keep your conversations at a reasonable volume, and make sure that the people you talk dirty to are with us.

    • Rules**

Be nice. Disseminate love! ♥

No hurtful comments. We want people of every sexuality, origin, gender identity, body shape, etc., to feel comfortable, so treat everyone with respect. Ask and use people’s preferred pronouns. The line is drawn not at whether something is "objectively" wrong or evil, but whether it's hurting somebody. Everyone makes mistakes — please take yours as an opportunity to learn and grow, and be compassionate. Being a nice human being is more important than being right.

No harassment: only "yes" means "yes". Munches are relaxed social gatherings, not dating events — adjust your expectations accordingly. If you have trouble reading signals or are sometimes awkward in social situations, that's okay! You're not the only one. However, insisting when somebody tells you that they're not interested is harassment. Physical touching without explicit consent is also harassment.