GPN18:The Death of Localhost - Hands-on Cloud Development with node.js, PHP, python or your favorite language..

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Ein Vortrag von Lukas Gentele auf der GPN18.

    1. Imagine you could program node.js, python or even Brainfuck without installing it.

Cloud development lets you either work with a browser-based IDE or transfers your source code in real-time to the cloud. By moving your dev runtime from localhost to the cloud, you can get started within seconds and always have an online prototype.

    1. What's the roadmap?

In this workshop, you will get to know what cloud development is and how to use a cloud development platform to program directly in the cloud to build highly scalable micro service systems. You will be able to use your favorite programming language to build a small cloud-based system. You will get free cloud resources during the workshop and you can keep using them even after the GPN.

    1. Do I need to use a browser-based IDE? What about VIM?

Don't worry, you will be able to use your favorite editor, even VIM works like a charm.