GPN18:One Brain, One Keyboard, One Editor

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Ein Vortrag von Miro auf der GPN18.

Do you use an IDE to work on source code, then switch to an e-mail client to write a message, then open a different editor to work on the documentation and finally ssh to a remote server to edit a configuration file? Do you switch languages frequently or are your colleagues named Müller, François, Muñoz or even Šedivý?

I'll show you how I am happily typing in several languages on a single standard US keyboard layout and why my CapsLock became so useful. I'll show you how I use a single editor on all my machines to produce all sorts of text, and why you too should master one real text editor, whether it is Emacs or Vim. And I'll show you how to hack all your texts using your favorite programming language far beyond imagination.