GPN16:Building an IoT Empire

aus dem Wiki des Entropia e.V., CCC Karlsruhe

Ein Vortrag von Michael Schloh von Bennewitz auf der GPN16.

Applying copper Ethernet and Bluetooth technology, we construct IoT subsystems resembling those in the real world. Experience hands on building of physical webs using the Google Eddystone bluetooth beacon profile or develop a Ethernet connected messaging bus communicating using MQTT. These scenarios teach H2M and M2M communications, and the instructors provide a set of hardware loaned for the duration of the workshop.


A portable computer is required to fully participate in this workshop (unless you plan to team up with and observe others.) A telephone or portable device with a stable Bluetooth 4.0 stack is optional for self paced physical web exploration. Please bring an Ethernet cable if you have one, as well as a SDHC card for extra credit.