GPN16:An Introduction to ZFS

aus dem Wiki des Entropia e.V., CCC Karlsruhe

Ein Vortrag von problame auf der GPN16.

Most file systems used today lack support for many advanced features, e.g. data integrity & low-cost snapshots. Not too long ago, power-outages in the middle of a write could have catastrophic consequences. Volume Managers that do not know about their volumes' file systems are inflexible. Hardware-RAIDs are problems rather than solutions.

This talk gives an overview of ZFS, a (not so) new approach to file systems & volume management, attempting to solve the problems mentioned above.

Beginning with an analysis of the deficiencies of current file systems & storage stacks, we continue with key design techniques of ZFS.

Afterwards, the individual modules that form ZFS are presented in more detail (interface, functionality, ...). This chapter is summarized by following the path a write(3) call takes from userland to actual bits on disk.

Finally, a demo of ZFS pool creation and file system basics is given.

We finish with a recap & time for questions.

Those interested in further exploring ZFS are encouraged to participate in the workshop taking place later the same day.