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Ein Vortrag von shinnamon auf der GPN17.



We like to get you interested in sewable electronics. Therefore we put together a project we call "GeekBag" to give you a project to try this out for yourself.

We have kits (a limited amount), support, all the tools you need.

So just drop by and if you like, build yourself a bag.

And this is how they look like:
ElectronicGeekBag1.jpg ElectronicGeekBag2.jpg ElectronicGeekBag3.jpg


The "kids" kit is 11€ and contains:

  • the bag
  • a motive
  • a coin-cell holder and a coin-cell battery
  • 2 LEDs

The "smart" one is 33€ and contains:

  • the bag
  • a motive
  • a Microcontroller-Board (Adafrutit-Gemma)
  • a brightness sensor
  • a LiPo-Battery
  • either 2 normal LEDs or 2 RGB-LEDS (NeoPixel)
  • (Lipo-Charger not included)

a LiPo charger is sold separately for 7€ if you need one

The "smart" bag can be programmed by Arduino and we have example code that:

  • turns off the eyes when the sensor gets bright
  • occasionally blinks, winks and some 'hypno'-animation


All workshop material is free (CC-BY) and can be found on our GitHub page (see below)

which includes:

  • Documentation (including examples where you can buy the parts yourself)
  • Shapes
  • Source Code