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Who we are

German Version

Entropia is a place for Hackers, Haecksen and curious people from Karlsruhe and surrounding area. We are a non-profit association and are considered an Er­fa-Kreis of the Cha­os Com­pu­ter Club. Our space offers equipment for everyone who wants to explore old and new technologies. Everybody who is interested is most welcome in the space!

Entropia [εντροπία] is Greek for entropy and represents the densonomy of chaos and the density of information. Entropy scales the impossibility of energy in a system to perform work. It furthermore attributes content to a message.

Entropia supports the integration of media within society and the education about technology, considering both advantages and risks alike. To achieve this goal we offer space for free information exchange, workshops, tinkering, and hosting lectures in schools and youth facilities.

Every summer we organise the Gulaschprogrammiernacht, that is a 4-day conference at the ZKM/HfG with more than 2,000 participants.

By the way: We <3 parties and occasional cozy Hacker­fryh­stycke! Feel free to join us anytime. All our meetings are also open for non-members.

Meetings take place every Saturday. Next one is on 15.06.2024.

You can find more at Club impressions.

What we do

How we communicate

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