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The Hackcenter will be here

Be our guest from 26. to 28. June 2009
at Karlsruhe University of Arts and Design (HfG)!

Click here to go to the schedule (Fahrplan)

Post Mortem

The GPN 8 is over, the HfG is neat and tidy again, the bones of volunteers ache and the hackers are happy.


The Karlsruhe University of Media and Design (HfG) is a special place to host the GPN, both because of the location itself and the local artists. We rented two very large inner courts, along with separate rooms for lectures and workshops. Everything from event technology for parties and lighting, a bar and party venues are well planned and easily accessible. Sound equipment, beamers, reliable bandwith and hackable parts of the building are provided as well. Input on computers and media art is plentyful. The same goes for media activism and computer and media arts.

The Center of Art and Media Karlsruhe (ZKM) is the second largest establishment for media arts worldwide and is located in the same building. Visiting the exhibitions will be part of the program. (Free entry on Friday afternoons from 2 PM to 6 PM! The same goes for the Museum for Modern Art and the City Gallery, both of which are in the same building, too.) The permanent exhibition Welt der Spiele: Reloaded of the ZKM Museum of Media invites you to play Pong or similar game classics.

Just like on all the GPNs before and those to come we code and discuss about all the topics interesting to hackers. We are also still looking for speakers and workshops we can add to the schedule (Fahrplan): for more information take a look at GPN8:CFP and become a volunteer!

Naturally, we care for a cozy and safe environment, the magically self-organised event in general and a voluntary donation of entry. This time there will really be a great bowl of gloulash (on Saturday).

Our lockpicking friends are joining us again this year.

The schedule

A fraction of the lectures:

You may find the latest schedule (Fahrplan) here.

Registrations and Volunteering

You don't need to register but it does helps us with the organisation: register here. The highly official Call for Participation hereby invites you to become an active contributor to the event... If you are interested in helping us (the organisation team) send us a message...


The Chaos Communication Congress has Angels, we have Trolls. A Troll is a good helper who knows it all better than the plebes. A Troll helps everyone out and explains as long as someone needs to understand the answers to their questions. Become a Troll - get in touch with us (f.ex. at the donation table or at deiner registration!

Was ist die GPN?

The GPN is considered a hacker event that especially cares about coding, tinkering and creativity. Aside from guided or spontaneous projects the GPN serves the purpose of being an event which people use to exchange ideas and meet persons with similar or entirely different interests. To make this possible we have rooms for lectures and workshops, comfy lounges affordable cocktails and parties.

Although coding is a point of focus it doesn't mean that you need to me an excellent programmer in order to enjoy the event: Approximately half of the schedule (Fahrplan) is about diverse and maybe random topics. Everyone who is a little interested in hacking is free to visit at their own costs, knowledge is not as important as genuine curiosity.

We are here to hack, to code and to tinker around with technology. You are most welcome to bring in projects and ideas or to host workshops or lectures, in other words, simply actively participate in the event. The event's content develops with every handed in lecture and every creative idea.

Infrequently questioned answers / FAQ

  • Start is on Friday afternoon, at let's say 4 P.M. , the actual schedule starts later, though. We close on Sunday if we feel like it, probably around a similar time.
  • Because the GPN created some expenses we would kindly like to ask you for a voluntary donation of 15 Euro.

  • There will be merchandise by typographs: t-shirts and cups with a nice motive and only slightly above the ordering price.
  • There has been a high demand and many disappointed faces which is why we ordered a second round of t-shirts.
  • Within the IRCNet we have anIRC channel !gpn: irc://!gpn. Otherwise, we can chat in !entropia.
  • Do you need a ride?
  • If you're looking for something to eat you can asky anyone with a Troll badge for more information. There also will be a paperchase which is supposed to show you local food places. Supposedly, there we will have goulash on Saturday.  :)
  • Shower rooms are available, if you need for infos on the lodging situationit's best to ask someone on-site: in any case, we won't have a shortage on sleepings spaces.
  • Better situated lodgings you can find at at the youth hostel or in a hotel of your choice.
  • There is a toilet for wheelchair users, and an elevator on the second floor (1. OG). Everything is available throughout the weekend. :-)
  • If there are any unanswered questions: shoot them right at us via questions by mail (!


GPS: 49.002759°, 8.383212°

By car

If you're traveling by car you can switch from the A5 to the Südtangente, continue to Brauerstraße, take a left to Gartenstraße, after this drive until Lorenzstraße until you find yourself in front of the "University of Arts and Design". There is an underground parking for the cinema "Filmpalast am ZKM". We are still looking for ticket prices there.

By train

Take the train to Karlsruhe Hbf. Then take the tram 2 towards ZKM and wait for the tram station ZKM to get out. Within Karlsruhe (z.B. von Entropia aus) you can also take the tram 5 towards Rheinhafen und wait for the tram station Lessingstraße to get out. Both tram stations are close to the event site.