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Gulaschprogrammiernacht III

General Information

The Entropia e.V. (also known as Chaos Computer Club Karlsruhe) will host the GPN3 from 22. to 23. May 2004.

Similar to the years that have come before we will meet for two days to code, to hack, to feed, to listen to music and to exchange ideas.

We will have intruiging lectures, like the ones we had in previous years. It begins wiht historical topics like the history of cryptography until we close with computer science according to Konrad Zuse. On the way there we'll talk about technical contents such as LISP and RFID, as well as social topics so that our visitors are entertained.

There will be a hackcenter for tinkering and coding. Too, we feature an Art&Beauty center to give insight into the art and beauty computers provide. Tinkering is encouraged.

Like in past years we hope for curious and active attendees, be it through a traditional hacker-jeopardy or by bringing in projects which we are most happy to support.

Time and place?

The event has been decided on the 22. and 23. May. We start on Saturday at 10 AM (the Club will be open throughout Saturday, though) and close sometime on Sunday evening.

Unfortunately, we only got access to smaller locations. Therefore, our attendee limit is at 100 people, please register responsibly.

The GPN will take place on the student center Z10. Parking slots are (while limited) available.

Costs and registrations?

  • The usual - 15 Euro for 2 days
  • CCC-Members - 10 Euro for 2 days
  • Erfa-Members (intern) - 10 Euro for 2 days
  • SSD e.V.-Members - 10 Euro for 2 days
  • Students (pupils only) - 10 Euro for 2 days
  • Volunteers / Angels (with bilateral agreement) - 10 Euro for 2 days
  • Speakers - free entry
  • Press - free entry (ONLY with registration and press badge, no registration no entry! We mean it.)
  • Entropia e.V. Members (without debts!) - free entry

There is a registration script, your registration helps us with organising the event. Furthermore, we can pass the latest updates concerining the event to you.

How can I support the GPN?

Your attendance makes it possible for us to continously host a GPN.

We are always looking for speakers with engaging lectures. By doing so you also get a free entry. ;-)

If you can think of other ways to support us we are grateful for your help! Especially Angels for the bar and lectures. Get in touch with us by mail:


You find an extended FAQ that supposedly holds all the answers here: GPN3 - FAQ

Fahrplan (schedule)

The latest Fahrplan is available here: GPN_3_-_Fahrplan

Get a ride

People who are offering a ride and who are looking for one: Mitfahrgelegenheiten


We would like to thank

The guys from who kindly provided us with a network and electricity

for their support.


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