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For any further questions, you can ask us with IRC (#gpn at hackint) or at Twitter (@entropiagpn).


  • Address:
The address of the event (e.g. in case of food orderings) is:
HfG (Staatliche Hochschule für Gestaltung Karlsruhe)
Lorenzstr. 15
76135 Karlsruhe
If you want to order food, it's best to pass the orders on to the information desk at the areaway and give your DECT-number so we can inform you when your food arrives.
  • Building:
The building is a listed former arms factory from the first World War. Please be thorough in interacting. For those who want more information about the building they can have a look at Hallenbau A.

Donations, T-Shirts

The entrance is free but the GPN has to be financed somehow. Therefore we ask you to give a voluntary donation of...

T-Shirts / Hoodies

The selling of T-Shirts and Hoodies helps to finance the GPN.

Prices / Reservations

Prices have still to be set but they will be about the same as last year:

  • Prices: T-Shirts 15€, Hoodies 30€
  • Reservations: You can reserve T-Shirts and Hoodies at your registration and get them at the info desk on saturday after 12:00 o'clock.
    non-collected T-Shirts and Hoodies can presumably be purchased even without reservation on saturday after 14:30 (as long as stock lasts).


We aim to sell T-shirts and Hoodies only in good qualtity.

To Bring

  • Bring DECT-phones! As usual there will be a DECT-system for the communication of the organisation team and trolls. Whoever registers a DECT-phone is automatically a troll. See also GPN17:DECT (the eventphone-system won't be used!).
  • Network Cables (3-5m): We provide a switch with Gigabit internet connection for each table. Please bring your own network cables.
  • Multi Sockets: They are traditionally rare. Please bring your own.
  • Servers: Are always welcome. We have a 1x10 + 1x1 GBit/s internet connection! Limited 10GBit/s-Ports for servers, 2x SFP+ (manufacturer is not important) and ~5m fibre, if possible bring your own.

Accommodation, Food

  • Accommodation: It is forbidden to sleep in the HfG building but on Unterkunft you can find nearby hotels and an accommodation procurement service.
  • Breakfast: Will be available from Friday to Sunday. We ask you to pay into the honesty box, amount varying by how much you eat.
  • Goulash: Will be served at at least one day. As usual there will also be a vegetarian version.
  • Soft-Ice-Cream-Machine, Crêpes, Popcorn, Slushies etc.: If you want to hack/play/serve/sell/give away food, you should contact us with enough time to spare in advance of the event.


  • Joining in: Is always a good idea. This event only works if guests also join the trolls. You will find out what work needs to be done at Troll How-To. See also Trollsystem.
  • Accessibility: The whole event will take place on the ground floor on which you can also find suitable lavatories. We ask you to contact us if you are worried about the accessibility in general. If needed we can remove possible barriers.
  • Childcare/Kidsspace: Children are utmost welcome and are free to make their own experiences getting in on hacking and hackers - to be honest this may only apply to the kids which are a bit older. However there won't be an official childcare or kidsspace. Maybe we'll have one next year: We've noticed the demand for it and are working on solutions. Until then we are very thankful for practical suggestions, ideas and spontaneous support on this subject (e.g. registration of workshops for kids in the Frab).
  • Animals: Due to our experiences at former GPNs we strongly ask you to relinquish bringing dogs or other pets with you. Exceptions are of course assistance dogs like seeing-eye dogs.
  • Smoking: In the whole building smoking is forbidden, at all times.
  • Longboards: As a result of accidents at former GPNs and a high risk of injuring someone (especially those who are not longboarding), the use of longboards (of course also hover-, skate- and shortboards as well as cars, trams and so on) is forbidden all over the building.


  • Publicity: On the contrary to most of the Chaos-Events the GPN is an open and public event for everybody. Everyday during this event are a lot of people passing by the Hackcenter, taking the hallway which connects the HfG and the ZKM. Questions from interested visitors are always welcome.
  • Taking Pictures: Of course there are pictures taken at the GPN. May it be through participants, guests or employees of the HfG. As long as the photographs are in a long shot which catches the character of the event, we're fine with that. Also we don't mind recordings for a time lapse or shots with participants if something exciting happens, as long as the focus is on the exciting thing and not on the person. We don't accept unasked shots of screens, close-ups, portraits or group shots. If you want to take pictures of that sort please always ask before taking them. We are appealing on your respect for this, as we can't and don't want to prohibit taking pictures.

Media and Social Networks

  • "I need texts and pictures for my newspaper/blog/and so on..." or "What is the GPN?" Answers, texts and pictures can be found here.
  • Hashtag Please use #gpn17
  • Twitteraccounts

In case of a problem

  • Interpersonal: Should there be any conflicts in between people or contents which can't be solved by yourself, we have two confidential people to help you solve and work out every problem, insignificant the matter or extent. If you can't find the confidentials or you don't know who they are, please turn to one of the organisation team members.
  • Technical: Examples are: It's too cold/my internet isn't working/the music is too loud... Please turn to the organisation team immediately, so that we have the chance to fix this problem while the event is still running. In case of fire, a bursted water pipe or property damage, please read on at Emergencies.
  • Emergencies: Please contact the CERT or organisation team immediately. We are well-staffed for emergency calls (112 on each GPN-DECT-Phone). Please let the phone ring, even if it takes a minute, because sometimes the person you're calling needs more than two seconds to wake up. Most importantly report what happened first (call by yourself or ask someone else to do that for you) then take immediate action e.g. first aid/putting out the fire, getting yourself into safety and follow the instructions from our organisation team, the security service or the rescue team.

Information Flyer

We will have information flyers.

For any further questions, you can ask us with IRC (#gpn at hackint) or at Twitter (@entropiagpn).