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Wikidata Workshop - GPN 2015-0.png

Ein Workshop mit frimelle auf der GPN15.

The workshop will focus on Wikidata's API, its (beta) SPARQL endpoint and on other ways to access the data in various formats, including turtle (ttl).

As the data is heavily linked to external databases and other resources including, but not limited to, Wikpedia, it can easily be combined and used together with data from other open data projects.

There are countless ways to make use of and visualize open data and many things have already been done with Wikidata's data (for example Platypus and We are looking forward to seeing your ideas and working on them together or improve existing projects.

As anyone can edit and contribute to Wikidata, similar to its sister project Wikipedia, we will also focus on enriching its data.

The data in Wikidata is released under CC-0.