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GPN10 - Off by one ... soon on a t-shirt

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The GPN10

In 2010 the GPN10 with the theme "Off by one" takes place. If you're actually looking for the GPN9... well, it does't exist. Unfortunately, on the appointment of the GPN9 there has been an internal event of the HfG itself which sadly had us have to cancel the GPN9. This is why the GPN10 take place just one week later (this is why we chose "off by one" :P ). This is why all registrations for the GPN9 have been canceled and we kindly ask all participants to re-register here! There is more information on the CCC events weblog: [1] [2].

What is the GPN?

The GPN is considered a hacker event that especially cares about coding, tinkering and creativity. Aside from guided or spontaneous projects the GPN serves the purpose of being an event which people use to exchange ideas and meet persons with similar or entirely different interests. To make this possible we have rooms for lectures and workshops, comfy lounges affordable cocktails and parties.

Although coding is a point of focus it doesn't mean that you need to me an excellent programmer in order to enjoy the event: Approximately half of the schedule (Fahrplan) is about diverse and maybe random topics. Everyone who is a little interested in hacking is free to visit at their own costs, knowledge is not as important as genuine curiosity.

We are here to hack, to code and to tinker around with technology. You are most welcome to bring in projects and ideas or to host workshops or lectures, in other words, simply actively participate in the event. The event's content develops with every handed in lecture and every creative idea.


The Karlsruhe University of Media and Design (HfG) is a special place to host the GPN, both because of the location itself and the local artists. We rented two very large inner courts, along with separate rooms for lectures and workshops. Everything from event technology for parties and lighting, a bar and party venues are well planned and easily accessible. Sound equipment, beamers, reliable bandwith and hackable parts of the building are provided as well. Input on computers and media art is plentyfully available.

The Center of Art and Media Karlsruhe (ZKM) is the second largest establishment for media arts worldwide and is located in the same building. Visiting the exhibitions will be part of the program. (Free entry on Friday afternoons from 2 PM to 6 PM! The same goes for the Museum for Modern Art and the City Gallery, both of which are in the same building, too.) The permanent exhibition Welt der Spiele: Reloaded of the ZKM Museum of Media invites you to play Pong or similar game classics.

The schedule / content

As on previous GPNs we want to code and discuss all the topics that are interesting to hackers. We are still looking for lectures and workshops for the schedule. If you want more informationtake a look at the GPN10:CfP. Join the GPN! The GPN is for you and made by people like yourself, help us to make this a memorable experience for everyone! More information: "Registrations and volunteering"

Natural for the event is a pleasant atmosphere, the organisation that is magically working and voluntary entry ticket donations. We will be having a ginormous goulash bowl (probably on Saturday).

Our lockpickers are joining us as well this year.

Registrations and volunteering

You don't have to register but it would help us out with planning the event: register. The highly offcial Call for Participation invites you to actively become a part of the event... Get in contact with us here.

WARNING: Who already registered for GPN9 is hereby kindly encouraged to re-register for GPN10!

Our obligatory mugs have prints as well!


The Chaos Communication Congress has Angels, we have Trolls. A Troll is a good helper who knows it all better than the plebes. A Troll helps everyone out and explains as long as someone needs to understand the answers to their questions. Become a Troll - get in touch with us (f.ex. at the donation table or at deiner registration!

Infrequently questioned answers / FAQ-IQA

  • Start is on Friday at around 4 PM . The offical schedule will commence a little later, though. The GPN ends on Sunday whenever we feel like it (likely around a similar time.
  • Because we happily pay for the event (and want to host another GPN in all years to come) we would like to ask every participant for a voluntary donation of about 15 [Euros].

  • Find us in the IRCNet in our IRC-Channel !gpn: irc://!gpn. Alternatively, we can have a chat in the !entropia chat.
  • Are you looking for a travel buddy?
  • How about lodging?
  • If you are looking for something edible you may ask everyone with a Troll badge, they will be able to tell you about what food is available at and around the event. For smaller hungers in the meantime we have snacks in stock and somebody said there will be goulash on Saturday.
  • In any case, don't hesitate to ask us whatever you want to know. Mail us here:!


GPS: 49.002759°, 8.383212°
  • There are directions for the Karlsruhe University of Arts and Design (HfG): Lorenzstraße 15, Karlsruhe.
  • GPS: 49.002759°, 8.383212°
  • OpenStreetMap or Google Maps

By car

Coming from either north or south (A5 from Heidelberg or Baden-Baden)

Use the Exit Nr. 45 on the A5 towards "Karlsruhe-Mitte". Now, you should be on the Karlsruher Südtangente. Use Exit Nr. 4 towards "Europahalle" on "Brauerstraße". Take a left into "Gartenstraße" after having passed the tram station "Arbeitsargentur". Finally, take another turn left into "Lorenzstraße" on the first crossroad.

There are two underground car parks available:

  • Car park at the ZKM: Take a left before the tram station "ZKM" (Südendstraße). Entry is to the right.
  • Car parl at the "Movie Palace": Take a left behind the tram station "ZKM" (Vorholzstraße), entry is to the right, behing the cinema.

Both car parks are open from 6.30 AM to 3 AM, parking is billed hourly with 1€. Between 6 PM and 8 AM there is a general bill of 2.80 € (ZKM) or 3.00€ (Movie Palace). At the Movie Palace there are dayly tickets for 7.60€.

Coming from east (A8 from Stuttgart)

Follow A8 until you reach the Karlsruhe Triangle. Continue to A5 towards Heidelberg. Next Exit is Karlsruhe-Mitte. From here, read the instructions from above.

Coming from west (A65 etc.)

Look out for B10 towards Wörth and leave it at Exit Nr. 4 (This exit is located very close behind Exit Nr. 5). Continue as describe above.

By train

Take the train to Karlsruhe Hbf, after that take the tram 2E towards the ZKM. Exit at the tram station "ZKM". From within Karlsruhe (f. ex. Entropia) you can take the tram 5 towards Rheinhafen and exit at the tram station "Lessingstraße". Both stations are in close to the event center.