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The Gulaschprogrammiernacht (or night of goulash and computer programming, GPN) is an annual 4-day conference at the HfG/ZKM (High Shcool of Media / museum of culture and media technology) in Karlsruhe. It's main attractions are coding, 3d-printing, machine embroidery, all sorts of caffeinated drinks, awesome people and fun with technology. There are numerous workshops and talks on subjects ranging from technological to sociology and of course plain geeky. There's no entry fee, all are welcome and the atmosphere is said to be among the friendliest of all hacker conferences. It's organized by local hackerspace Entropia and the Karlsruhe's part of Chaos Computer Club. Please read our FAQ for special plans (like pets, loud machines etc) and needs and don't hesitate to contact us @$contact for more information.

Loose translation of https://entropia.de/GPN16:Presse#Kurzer_Text

The Gulaschprogrammiernacht (German for Goulash Programming Night) is a legendary annual conference hosted from thursday, the 26th of May through to sunday, the 29th of May by the Entropia e.V./CCC Karlsruhe in the buildings of the HfG and ZKM Karlsruhe. The venue is a great place to meet technology enthusiasts, or to become one yourself, and to listen to talks, participate in workshops or to work on projects together. For everyone else there are many more amazing things to marvel at: Psychedelic LED-Sculptures, 3D-Printers, fully automatic sewing machines and of course goulash.