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Here's a fun tip for making loops of stutters...

  1. Create an audio track and route all the tracks you want to stutter through the new track. Put the PhutboySlim plugin on this new track.
  2. Create a MIDI track. Route the MIDI to the new audio track you created. Phutboyslim should show up on the MIDI dropdown menu.
  3. Click the help button on the PhutboySlim plugin. Here you will see the MIDI map for controlling the stutters. Create a MIDI clip based on this info.
  4. Setup a tasty groove going through the new audio stutter track you made. Trigger the MIDI clip you made to start the stutter loop.

There you have it.

Its really fun to create a 8- or 16-bar loop with just a bit of stutter at the end as a turnaround. Or create shorter loops to mangle your groove for a breakdown. Its fun to mess with the stutter length to juxtapose different rhythms of stutter against the main groove.

PhutboySlim plugin takes a bit of work to get it to work well, and still occasionally has weird things happen, but this technique can also pull off some very cool stuff live. The great part about it is that you can make controlled patterns that stutter your whole mix, which can be a very cool tool if not overused.

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