aus dem Wiki des Entropia e.V., CCC Karlsruhe

supatrigga crossfade

all audio gets assigned to side A of the crossfader with send B gagged (100%) and send A on 0 on all of them

Return A: Filter Delay assigned to side A Return B: Supatrigga assigned side B with send A on about 60%

Send B is set to "pre" so that when the xfader is on B audio still comes thru, but only the effected, glitched signal.

the supa trigga is sending to the filter delay which is on "post" so it only comes in during the crossfade.

you could have a vertical setlist (like a playlist from top to bototm) that plays itself via follow actions. hit the xfader slowly before the next song triggers so song a gets echoed and triggered out.

launch song b when the fader is on b gets supatrigga'd in then the supa trigga fades and echos out into the dry original track.

This is awesome with beats and stuff too, just assign side A to the tracks you want to do this with.

Always in key with random velocity and note variations

This one seems complex, but when you try it it fuckin rules

Make 2 MIDI tracks.

The first one will have operator, simpler, or your favorite VSTi with midi In from either the computer kybd or your controller with monitor ON

the second track a "controller" track and will be empty of instruments but with the following ableton effects in order: Random (on the "orange" preset), Scale (on the harmonic minor preset in what ever key your song's in... or whatever you want), Velocity (on the "add some random") preset.

MIDI in on this "controller" track from the other midi track (the one with the instrument) and MIDI Out to the instrument MIDI track with the box below it assigned to the specific instrument (it'll say like 1-Operator). Monitor ON.

Assign velocity to any perimeter you can (you gotta use your ears on this one) on the instrument.

On the controller track, make blank midi tracks with clip envelopes assigned to Out Hi of the velocity, Choices of the Random, Pitch of the scale, etc.

EQ4 trick

This one is the simplest of them all and saves CPU.

Disable bands 2 and 3 Put bands 1 and 4 on the bottom setting (hi-pass and lo-pass filters, not Shelf or Bell)

put the Q's on 1 and 4 to .84

Freq on band 1 (your new high pass filter) minimised Freq on band 4 (your low pass) maximised

Assign frequency of 1 and 4 to controllers and you get a very transparent low/high pass filter all in one and light on cpu!!

save this preset and add to all tracks =)