aus dem Wiki des Entropia e.V., CCC Karlsruhe
If you have further questions you can reach out to us on Matrix ( or Twitter (@entropiagpn).


  • Directions:
Directions for (e.g. ordering food to) the location:
HfG (Karlsruhe University of Arts and Design)
Lorenzstr. 15
76135 Karlsruhe
Direct orders to: Info Desk in the inner court. Best, you also add your DECT number. Maybe take a look at how to get to the location
  • Building: This building is listed for preservation. It used to be a weapons factory during WWI. Please consider this when you are inside and around the building. For those who are more curious about the building; take a look at Hall Constructions - Hall A.

Donations, Merch

We have a free entry policy. Yet, organising the GPN comes at a cost. To cover those costs we kindly ask for a voluntary donation of 30€, plus 5€ if you registered for the KVV Kombiticket.

If you're enthousiastic about making a donation prior to the event we are extremely grateful. This year, are especially grateful about before-event donations because we carry a high financial risk for hosting the GPN. You can find our banking details here.

T-Shirts / Hoodies

Buying merch helps to financially support the event.

Pricing / Reservations

  • Pricing: T-Shirts 20 €, hoodies 45 €, mugs 10 € (including tea and coffee flat)
  • Reservations: When registering as an attendee of this year's GPN you may already reserve T-Shirts which you can collect at the Merch Desk until Saturday, 2 PM.
    T-Shirts and hoodies that haven't been collected until Saturday, 2 PM are free to buy for everyone (as long as in stock).

Public transit tickets

If ticked in the registration survey you automatically receive your KVV Kombiticket (if you submitted your name). The ticket is valid both as a PDF file or in paper with your ID card. Furthermore, it is valid Thursday until Sunday in Karlsruhe City (Doppelwabe 100). You may use it to get to the event location and back to your lodging.

We offer the KVV Kombiticket based on the social principle. The Entropia e.V. calculates a lump sum for every registered GPN attendee, even if they choose not to use the ticket.

Netowrk / Wi-Fi

Pay the GPN21:NOC a visit.

Bring along

  • a de-DECT-able cellphone! As usually, we will set up a DECT-system for Orga and Troll communication. more information: GPN21:DECT (we will not employ the eventphone-system!).
  • Network cables (3-5m): Most tables will be equipped with a switch that offers gigabit Internet connection. Please bring your own network cable.
  • Power Strips: remain a scarce commodity. Plese bring your own.
  • Server: are welcome. We have a lot of Internet access! 10GBit/s-ports for servers are limited but available. If you plan on using 2x SFP+ (either producer is fine for us) and -5m fiber, please organize it yourself. Finally, it is helpful if your servers provide a power-butten.
  • Lanyard: Visitor badges are overwhelmingly attached to a Lanyard. Who already owns one is herbey kindly invited to bring one, by doing so we save overall resources and don't take one lanyard per GPN back home. If you happen to have one or more to spare you can happily return them at the Info Desk. We will give them to other visitors.

Lodging, Food

  • Lodging: sleep-overs inside the building are not permitted. But you can find a place to sleep here. We listed hotels that are close to the spot and linked a find-a-bed.
    • Is there a nearby gym where we can sleep No.
  • Fryhstyck (breakfast): Will be cared fo on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Depening on the total amount of rolls you eat, you may want to consider making a small donation.
  • Goulash: Rest assured, there will be goulash, once, at least. Please do note, the goulash will be vegan.
  • Soft ice machines, pizza ovens, waffle-o-mats, crêpes, popcorn, slushies etc.: Please contact organizers if you want to hack/play/distribute//give away/sell food. The sooner, the better.
  • Food delivery: of course, that is possible, too. --> Location.
  • Close-by food: here, is no list!


  • Volunteering always is a great idea. The event works because guests also help out as Trolls. Troll How-To explains what needs to be done. Don't forget about the Trollsystem.
  • Accessibility: The event is all on floor one / EG / ground level, toilets are also accessible. If you are concerned about overall accessibility, please get in touch with us. With your help we can eliminate possible barriers. More information on GPN21:accessibility.
  • Kids: Kids are most welcome at GPN, they are kindliest invited to get involved, depening on their experience they surely can join all the other hackers who are attending.
  • Pets: Based on past experiences we prefer for you not to pbring your pets to the event area. Exceptions can be made for assistance pets such as guide dogs.
  • Smoking: Smoking inside the building is strictly prohibited. Smoking areas in the entrance areas are like peeing spots in a pool.
  • Longboards: As a consequence fof various accidents and an overall high risk of injuries (also for non-skaters) we don't allow skating on site (this also applies to hover- and skateboards, shortboards, cars, trains, seats, sofas, etc.).


  • Public: Contrasting other Chaos-Events the GPN is an open and public event. For example, both parts of the museum which is visited by many people on a daily basis, are connected and are right next to the Hackcenter. The visitors may be curious and ask what visitors are doing, we strongly encourage.
  • Photos: Visitors and employees of the building may be taking photos throughout the event. Please be aware of this. As long as those pictures are taken to reflect the atmosphere of the event we are okay with it, the same goes for time lapse videos. Even if there are recordings of fascinating projects by our visitors, as long as the object is the reason for the photo, not the person behind. We disapprove of close-up, portrait or group photos without consent. Though, neither can, nor do we legally want to prohibit these actions. Taking photos of attendees' screens is also not cool without consent.

Media and social networks

Handle Platform Description
@zkmkarlsruhe Twitter ZKM's offical Twitter account
@hfg_karlsruhe Twitter HfG's official Twitter account
@entropiagpn Twitter Entropia e.V.'s official Twitter account (CCC Karlsruhe, host) Mastodon Entropia e.V.'s official Mastodon account (CCC Karlsruhe, host)
@gpn_info Twitter GPN Info-Desk Mastodon GPN Info-Desk
@loungecontrol Twitter GPN Lounge
@gpn_bar Twitter GPN Bar
@gpn_noc Twitter GPN NOC
@gulaschkueche Twitter GPN Kitchen Mastodon Troll's Lair

Is there a problem?

  • Interpersonal: In case of an arising issue regarding a specific person or content of the event, that cannot be settled privately; reach out to the CARE-Team (Chaos Awareness Response Entropians). They will kindly support you with handling the issue.
  • Technical: Examples: I'm freezing/the Internet doesn't work/the music is playing too loud. Please look for somebody with an Orga badge so they can try to solve the problem immediately. If there are issues like water or fire damage or other forms of materialistic damage please continue reading 'Notfälle' (emergencies).
  • Emergencies: Please immediately reach out to the Orga team. Emergency numbers (122 on every GPN DECT cellphone) are free to call at any point in time. Let it ring a few times, people need time to wake up. First response: report (call or ask somebody to call), after reporting: immediate response (first aid, extinguish fire etc.), get to safety and follow Orga or emergency teams's instructions.

Info sheets

There will be an info flyer.

If you have further question please contact us on Matrix ( or on Twitter (@entropiagpn).