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Hardware seeks Hacker

Hacker seeks what they lost

Note: lost sanity can not be returned.
Wenn jemand eins Lebensfreude gefunden hat, würde ich mich freuen 🥺 +1

Hacker seeks merch

Hacker seeks documentation

Hacker seeks food

Hardware seeks Hacker

Hacker seeks Hardware

Suche alte Wählscheibentelefone. Kontakt via Mastodon:

Hacker seeks software

Hacker seeks Hacker

Searching for people who want to build own DECT-Devices like Phones (for CCC-Events). Got some SC14CVMDECT SF02T Modules but no time since. Need breakout board for testing and documentation about the UART interface (which maybe must be programmed?). Contact via Mastodon:

Hackers seek hackers in their region

Hacker seeks Travel Companions

Hacker seeks Travel Tips

Hacker seeks education

Hacker seeks NGO

NGO seeks Hacker

Artist seeks Hacker

Hacker seeks Fun

Hacker seeks job

Free hugs