GPN20:LED Strips Everywhere for Everyone!

aus dem Wiki des Entropia e.V., CCC Karlsruhe
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Ein Vortrag von Mitch Altman auf der GPN20.

LED strips have become really inexpensive. Lots of people have created inexpensive methods of controlling their color and brightness. This workshop shows one way to control LED strips, and to make them do what you want. We will use a very inexpensive Arduino clone. I'll show you everything you need to know to use existing programs -- as-is, or to hack on -- to control the colors in your world with LED strips.

This workshop is for total beginners.

Workshop Itinerary

  • Intro to Red-Green-Blue (RGB) LEDs
  • Brief intro to Arduino
  • How to use an Arduino to control an LED strip
  • Some demos of programs you can download

Materials costs

The workshop is free, but if you would like to partake in the hands-on aspects of the workshop, Mitch will have materials for 20 € (useful for making your life trippy and beautiful).