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If you bought t-shirts or hoodies in the wrong size, then enter here what you have, what you want and a contact address

I Have I Need Contact Details
T-Shirt M untailliert T-Shirt S untailliert email:
Hoodie XL untailliert Hoodie XXL untailliert email: xmpp: mastodon:
T-Shirt L untailliert T-Shirt XL untailliert email:

If you want to buy a hoodie / shirt use this table

I'm looking for Offering Contact Details
Hoodie M/L/XL unfitted 40 Eur + Tschunk or equivalent email: xmpp:
T-Shirt M untailliertes 15 Eur DECT: 5375 Twitter: noemis_exec E-Mail ca-gpn-nerch at noemis dot de
T-Shirt L untailliertes 15 Eur E-Mail: morph at cccmz dot de
Hoodie /XL unfitted 40 Eur + Tschunk or equivalent email: