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Gulaschprogrammiernacht 13

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What is the GPN?

The GPN is a event for hackers that is focused on programming, tinkering and creative projects. Aside from projects, hosted at the GPN it should be a space for exchanging ideas from one programmer or tinkerer to the other. To achieve this mission we have a lecture and workshop schedule on the one hand, on the other we have cozy lounges, affordable cocktails and parties.

The fact that programming is a focus doesn't mean that you need to be an experienced and awesome programmer to enjoy the event. Some parts of the schedule (Fahrplan) will be on programming while others talk about much more diverse and sometimes unconventional topics. Everyone intrested in hacking is welcome to join. Technical knowledge or competence is not as important as genuine curiosity.

People are encouraged to actively hack, programm or tinker around with technology. By this, we invite you to bring in your own ideas, start projects, host workshops or lectures and to make contacts. Become a part of the GPN 13. The event develops with every submitted lecture and every creative idea.


The Karlsruhe University of Media and Design (HfG) is a special place to host the GPN, both because of the location itself and the local artists. We rented two very large inner courts, along with separate rooms for lectures and workshops. Everything from event technology for parties and lighting, a bar and party venues are well planned and easily accessible. Sound equipment, beamers, reliable bandwith and hackable parts of the building are provided as well. Input on computers and media art is plentyfully available.

The Center of Art and Media Karlsruhe (ZKM) is the second largest establishment for media arts worldwide and is located in the same building. Visiting the exhibitions will be part of the program. (Free entry on Friday afternoons from 2 PM to 6 PM! The same goes for the Museum for Modern Art and the City Gallery, both of which are in the same building, too.)