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An entry into the GPN12:Gamejam by cfr34k and apo. Written in plain C99.

GPN12-Gamejam-tonefighter Screenshot.png

Team up with Violet Clef and her ship to defend the good Kingdom of Harmony against the oncoming invasion of the vicious Lord of Deaf and his evil minions, the rests. Bombard your enemies with the slow but powerful whole notes or use the lasting fire of thirty-second notes to pummel them into submission.

This game doesn't use standard means of input, but depends on your whistling accuracy and endurance. Just whistle into the microphone to move the ship into position. But don't delay too long - moving uses your reactor's power and delays your shots!

How to play

  • Plug in your microphone
  • Run run_{oss,alsa,pulseaudio}.sh
  • Whistle into your microphone to move the ship.

Your ship shoots automagically. Longer rests have more health. Correspondingly, longer note values change your shots to have more power, but take longer to recharge.

After a while, the Lord of Deaf will develop more efficient means of production and his minions will become smaller and harder to hit, but no less destructive, thus making your defeat inevitable. How long will you be able to last?

How to compile