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According to Wikipedia "[biohacker is] a term used to describe a hobbyist who experiments with DNA and other aspects of genetics. A biohacker (or "wetware hacker") is similar to a computer hacker who creates and modifies computer software or computer hardware as a hobby". -


DIYbio is awesome. Hackerspaces are awesome. From that follows that DIYbio in a hackerspace is double awesome.

On a more serious note, one really cool thing about this is that many people in the lab can get involved on different levels. Programmers can get involved in the dryware hacking and other may like the actual lab work, making this a real "meta" effort.


General info

Equipment etc.

Bio labs in Hackerspaces


  • Find a space. Do we need more rooms? Gewerbehof? (Auch für CNC & Lasercutter)
  • Finance the initial lab.

Planned Activities

Who's interested