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* for gcc: scons -f SCons.gcc  
* for gcc: scons -f SCons.gcc  
== Download ==
== Download ==
* Source: [ github]
* Source: [ github] ([[Media:GPN12-Gamejam-transport-gpn12gamejamgame.git.201108.tar.gz|Mirror]])
* Binaries: nope
* Binaries: nope
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{{Navigationsleiste GPN12:Gamejam}}

Aktuelle Version vom 11. August 2012, 17:11 Uhr

a strategy / micro management game by xAndy for the GPN12:Gamejam. written in c++11

2012-06-09-214246 800x500 scrot.png

make money by transporting goods to and from captured towns and buy more robots to transport more things and capture more towns.

How to play

  • select one of your(blue) towns and send units to other towns by clicking on them.
  • deselect with space.
  • make money by moving units between your towns. they will consume resources.
  • you win a level by holding all towns.

How to compile

  • you need g++ >=4.7 or clang >=3.1
  • sdl, sdl_image, sdl_gfx, sdl_ttf, sdl_mnixer
  • scons
  • for gcc: scons -f SCons.gcc