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* Video recording: [ gpn11-wavelets.mkv] ([[Media:gpn11-wavelets.mkv|Mirror]])
* Video recording: [ gpn11-wavelets.mkv] ([[Media:gpn11-wavelets.mkv|Mirror]])
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Version vom 12. September 2011, 21:33 Uhr

A talk by the_nihilist at GPN11.

Wavelets are increasingly being used in signal processing, digital audio and video compression, and more, replacing the "old" Fourier Transform.

In this short talk the fundamental ideas and concepts about wavelets will be presented, including (but not only): what's the difference between wavelets and the Fourier transform, Haar and Daubechies wavelets, how to implement the Fast Wavelet Transform.

Some knowledge of math (algebra, signal processing) is required.