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Gründung einer Cooperative zur Vernetzung von Kunst und Technik in Karlsruhe.


- Gründungstreffen 5.11 & 3.12
- Regelmäßiger Stammtisch 1. Sonntag im Monat ab 20 Uhr im Entropia e.V.
  (Wunschtraum: der Tisch in der Küche ist aufgeräumt)


- Blueloop
- hds
- TEM00 (Akos)

ToDo (Wer?):

- Infos und Einladung zum 2. Gründungstreffen
- Infosniplets verteilen.
  - ZKM
  - BNN?
  - Gewerbehof
  - Jingle für Querfunk?

Projekte (Ideen)

  -3-D Laserart
- Wearable
  - LED Shirt
  - EL-Shirt
  - Inteligente Anstecker?
  - HID Brille
- Netartaction
  - ?
- UrbanArt
  - Throwies 2.0 (Solarzellen?)
  - "Gobos" für Gebäudebeleuchtungen
- Devices ohne Sinn
  - Funktastaturjammer

Phaser Quality Control (Witz)

I bought a phaser at Radio Shack but it wont burn nothing. Can I hook up a bigger battery or plug it in the wall? Did I git ripped off? Is it defective? Who made Captain Kirk's phaser?

Don't you have the complete Starship Enterprise standard equipment specification and approved supplier manual? It comes on 75 DVDs or 1 DUD. (A DUD or Digital Ultra Disc utilizes the latest UV laser holographic data storage technology but hasn't been invented yet.) No??? You absolutely need to obtain this document to gain access to the Federation manufacturers' database. They won't sell working phasers to the general public without a properly signed and notarized phaser user's contract. However, I understand the paperwork (paper isn't used anymore but the term is more understandable on a forum such as this) is quite involved - it runs the equivalent of about 10,000 single spaced pages...

BTW, the phaser used by Captain Kirk is no longer made. Sorry, you will either have to hunt around for a used model or get one of the SNG upgrades. I can sympathize with your unhappiness at the latter prospect. While the SNG models DO have many more bells and whistles, the original phasers had superior ergonomic design and were apparently much more effective than those used a couple of centuries later - which generate a beam that travel so slowly, getting out of its way is quite easy. And what is decidedly a step backwards, the new ones can at most only BURN things - the phasers used in Kirk's era would make large objects totally disappear requiring no messy cleanup afterwards and were thus much more environmentally friendly.

The other problem is that you went to Radio Shack for this. :-)