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Here's something I figured out while beta-testing:

Stick 4 autopans on a send, followed by your favourite delay/reverb whatever.

Set them all to beatsync, amount 100%, shape 100%, offset 180 degrees.

Set the first three to sawtooth, and the last one to triangle waveform.

Set the first two to phase 360, the last two to phase 0.

The rates should be, in that order: 8,4,2 and 1.

There, now your sends will only be active for the last bit of every 8 bars, saving you a lot of time tweaking sends and/or drawing clip envelopes. This is sooo useful for instant dub! Just save the autopans as a device chain - and drag and dub! Wink

(of course, non-fivers can use whatever gating plugin they like for this trick)

Great tip! Thanks! I created an Audio Effect Group preset named Machinate's Dub Gate to keep it handy. Slapped at a Ohmboys LFO filtered delay.

But four Auto Pans need some rare CPU processing power on this powerbook. I'll see if I can achieve the same thing with some midi clip automating the effect input of the Ohmboys. Should work over the IAC bus I guess... will try it later. Thanks for the idea!

EDIT (a while later): I found it more CPU friendly for this Mac to make silent audio clips whith clip envelope automation for the track send. Then I simply copy that clip to the tracks I want to send at the end of the eight bar cycle (to Ohmboyz)