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22. Gulaschprogrammiernacht

GPN22 will take place between May 30th and June 2nd 2024. You can expect four days of hacking, goulash, lectures, Tschunk, workshops, Lounge, Mate and happy tinkering.

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Theme GPN22

"Goulash Programming Night" almost sounds like a cooking contest for sleep-deprived computer scientists. What started as a gathering of nerds in a basement in Karlsruhe in 2002, steadily grew into one of the largest events by the Chaos Computer Club. The topics are diverse: Hard- and software development are the heart of the event, along with cyber security. However data privacy, net politics and many other fascinating topics soon joined: How to cook the most delicious goulash? Is it possible to turn hardware waste into shiny jewelry? How does a sewing machine work? And, how to steer spaceships?

The Goulash Programming Night (GPN) is hosted by the local Chaos community; the Entropia e.V.. About 1500 participants are expected to arrive every year in the halls of the Karlsruhe University of Arts and Design (HfG) and the lecture rooms in the Center for Art and Media (ZKM). However, it is important to point out that the event is not only open to "Digital Natives" and nerds but to the public alike. Everyone who desires to learn is most welcome to join!

The P in GPN stands for programming, literally. The greater halls are the hackcenter. Tables there are provided with power and network access, waiting for participants to settle down. Many travel to the GPN already with a project in mind, aspiring to invest their time into achieving results. Others are looking to start new ones. Regardless, questions are always welcome. Most hackers, that are not already in a deep workflow, are happy to talk about their current tinkerings. You can also expect to find finished projects on open display throughout the event as well. Look forward to fancy lights and devices of all kinds.

Next to programming, the variety of lectures and workshops are what makes the GPN. The schedule is filled with talks from advanced hard- and software computing, to entertaining and educating anecdotes, the daily struggles of a computer scientist, all the way to (net) political debates. Solder and tinker workshops may help you to acquire or improve electronic skills, lightning talks open the stage for spontaneous presentations and the Demoscene is sort of the homecoming of the event.

Participate in the GPN

The Goulash Programming Night is open to everyone. However, a registration prior to the event is appreciated by the organizers to better prepare for the experience (and to buy sufficient ingredients for the goulash, of course). During the registration process you'll also receive the opportunity to pre-order some merch. This way you can make sure that your size is available, guaranteed. We would also kindly ask for donations to support the event. We take donations on a "give what you can" basis.

The GPN is for and by volunteers, hence the constant call for trolls! Trolls are the angels of GPN, despite the general perception of trolls online. They are the reason, this event is possible in the first place. So join us! This is your chance to troll the GPN!

Date and Location

May - 02. June 2024 | Karlsruhe University of Arts and Design (HfG) | Lorenzstr. 15 | 76135 Karlsruhe | GERMANY Location on Openstreetmap



Infection Protection

As everywhere in the chaos community, mutual consideration is a central concept here too. So if you have cold symptoms, please stay at home or go home as soon as symptoms appear. Corona tests are available at CERT and you are welcome to make use of them. Please continue to wash your hands before eating goulash and especially at the breakfast buffet.


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As stated above, the GPN is organized by volunteers. Become a volunteer and register yourself as a troll:




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