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Buildup / Teardown

The GPN20 build up takes place on Wednesday, May, 18th and tear down starts on Sunday afternoon, May, 22nd.

Please understand that we're quite a busy folk during that time and we have a lot of stuff getting set up. This means, we're not angry with anybody, but have a tight schedule we have to follow in order get everything done in time - especially during build up on Wednesday.

If we're very busy or too exhausted and don't find the time to answer your questions or requests, please give us some time and come back later when there is less business at the GPN NOC Desk.


Yes, we've got internet. All provided networks are unfiltered, e.g. no firewall, no NAT and use public IP adresses. Please make sure, all your devices are up-to-date and services running on your devices are configured securely. We recommend to activate a firewall.

Please bring your own network cable (3m - 5m) with you. When connecting your device to the switch, please make sure the cable does not form a tripping hazard or spans between tables.

Wi-Fi (encrypted)

Please consider using a wired connecting in order to save air time. Due to a lot of (new) access points located GPN, HfG and ZKM, air time is really tight.

We'll also have a test stage with 6Ghz Wi-Fi somewhere in the hack center.

  • SSID: GPN20
  • Mode: WPA2-Enterprise
      • (But not TTLS/MASCHAPv2)
  • Username and Passwort
    • for PEAP/MSCHAPv2:
      • Username/Identity: gpn
      • Password: gpn
      • Domain:
      • CA certificate: Use system certificate Note: For Google Pixel 6 (Pro) with Android 12
    • for TTLS/PAP
      • Domain:
      • Everything else: <anything you like - we don't care>

You can also use the following credentials:

  • SSID: GPN20
  • Username: protect-me
  • Password: protect-me

to have a firewall in place blocking incoming requests, only.

If you want to check that you really connect to the insecure network of your choice, please verify the certificate of CN is issued by Let's Encrypt.


    # ca path on debian 7.x, modify accordingly


Description='GPN20 secure WPA2 802.1X config'
    'proto=RSN WPA'


YES, we'll have a colocation again and we can provide you with: - 10GbE SFP+ ports. We do not lend transceivers - we never have and never will - ever!!!. - 1000Base-T (1GBE) / 10GBase-T is available as well.

Please mark your server with your name, your DECT- or cellphone-number and your e-mail adresse to get in contact with you. Otherwise we have to disconnect your server.


The colocation can be found at the same location as last event: the caretakers lounge at the entrance of the HfG.


  • You have built your own fancy Pixelflut and want to bring it along to GPN?
  • But you don't know where to place it or connect it with enough uplink?

=> Please come to the NOC Desk and ask our staff. We'll be there for you starting Thursday afternoon, e.g. after the Opening (if build up is already finished).