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Hardware seeks Hacker

My HDD drive won't get recognised anymore. Any chance to find out why and if it is broken? matrix nick:

Hacker seeks what they lost

Note: lost sanity can not be returned

  • pony: I lost my rainbow tail, probably during Obelix' opening talk in the MediaTheater. It has a plastic clip to clip it to your hair or pants. Contact: or find me in the Hackcenter near the Windows XP flipper box. I got my tail back! \( ^.^)/

Hacker seeks merch

  • Looking for GPN18 t-shirt (yellow brain on red background). It's so beautiful, I would be over the moon :) Size S or M waisted preferred, all others are fine as well. (Benutzer:Kitsune)

Hacker seeks documentation

Hacker seeks food

Hardware seeks Hacker

Hacker seeks Hardware

Hacker seeks Hoverboard parts

Hacker seeks ar71xx devices (special kind of WiFi-Routers)

Freifunk Gluon has an ongoing migration process that follows OpenWRTs ar71xx-ath79 migration. We are about half way done and yet there are about 50 models that are still not tested yet.

The list of devices I'm looking for is in under the point "todo". If you have by any chance one of the models in question at hand, I'd really like to meet up and test the devices migration with your help.

You do not need to know how to build or test images, the device would be enough. I'm on site till sunday noon and looking forward to meet you.

Contact aiyion on #hackint

Hacker seeks jumper wires

I forgot to bring enough jumper wires. Do you have some? I need a handful of them (receiving -> giving). You can have a drink of your preference from the bar and some fun with the electronic typewriter, if you like :)

  • SIP: 6886
  • Mastodon:
  • Twitter: @cyroxx

Hacker seeks electronic assembly

I have received a generous donation of uDuck PCBs and wanna see if I can procure the necessary parts and assemble a few at the GPN20. Parts I'm looking for:

  • 1x 0.1 uF ceramic capacitor
  • 2x 68 Ohm resistors
  • 2x 3.6V zener diodes
  • 1x 1.5K Ohm resistor
  • 1x Atmel ATTiny85

If you have any of these parts with you and/or a soldering iron, please contact me.

  • DECT: 2217
  • IRC: kritnich on
  • Matrix:
  • Mail:

pony seeks Display-Port <-> HDMI cable

  • We're still trying to get Video-over-Ethernet to work, but having a simple DP <-> HDMI cable would be really nice.
  • find me in the middle of Hackcenter, behind the flipper machine. (look for the pony.__doc__ sheet)

Hacker seeks ADSL2/VDSL modem/router

  • neithernut noticed today that his router at home shows heat-stains
  • doesn't want to buy another piece hardware which will (hopefully) be obsolete in a couple of years
  • would prefer something which is known to support OpenWRT or something
  • honestly not _that_ urgent, assuming that the old router will not start burning
  • Contact:
 * IRC: neithernut (
 * Sitting near the maze-thing (in front of two black table-like structures bolted together with a little lamp and stuff on top)

Lasagne: Can give you VDSL Fritzbox but not with the latest standard. I dont have it with me. Its currently being used as router but will be phased out in a month or two. Currently running Freetz with a lot of stuff removed and sshd added. 9001

Hacker seeks charger

I have a couple of removable Li-Ion batteries with 7.4V which are now depleted. They have exposed charging pads for a dock. Contact me on matrix or by calling lasagne on DECT 9001

pony seeks Wackelaugen

  • Hier fährt ein megasüßer kleiner Roboter rum, der unbedingt Wackelaugen braucht. Ihr findet mich draußen auf der Wiese beim Projection Mapping oder

Hacker seeks software

Hacker seeks Hacker

  • seeks someone to code with and work on one of these projects:
  • seeks someone who wants do do some reverse engineering on TomTom Navigation Maps to find a way to use OSM Maps on a TomTom device (some stuff is already found)
  • Shell would like to nerd out about video streaming with folk. Message Shell on hackint or Libera, or on XMPP, or look for the twitch witch hat.
  • 017681592460 searches someone who knows a thing or two about GDB and the dataformat of debug symbols. I am currently trying to get a backtrace with linenumbers. I tried compiling webkitgtk in debug mode, but I'm getting DWARF errors.
  • pony is looking for someone who knows a bit about Blender. Thank you so much! \(^.^ )/
  • Lasagne 9001 seeks someone knowledged in the dark arts of fixing someones back. Offering drinks or whatever in return.

Hackers seek hackers in their region

Cato wants to get to know some hackers from the Frankfurt region

Shell interested in meeting people around Leipzig. Find her with the purple WITCH cap, or message Shell on Libera or hackint, or on xmpp at interested in meeting people around Munich.

_breacher seeks hackers from lower-franconia (AB, WÜ, MSP) - seeks hackers from Stuttgart/Leonberg.

Hacker seeks Travel Companions

Hacker seeks Travel Tips

Hacker seeks education

Hacker seeks NGO

NGO seeks Hacker

Open Parliament TV (Idee/Code) sucht Interessierte mit Neugier auf offene parlamentarische Daten.

Artist seeks Hacker

Hacker seeks Fun

Hacker seeks crypto waste

Hey Guys, pls send me your worthless shitcoins, I want to collect them and show how much people lost through blockchain analysis. ethWallet: 0x2926678597D56bcbEDD75Bd91B5262EaE0253d00 Thank you. :*

Hacker seeks job

Hacker seeks medicaments

Offering Akineton 2mg, Elvanse, pure Coffein-powder for Noids -> -> DECT 8221

Free hugs

- May be shy, but if you find @Pixtxa, you can ask for a hug

- Cato is also open for hugs and snugs :3

- find @memecian and receive a free hug