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Gulasch Programmier Nacht II

German Version


Finally, we were able to upload some of the GPN2 lectures (GPN2-Vorträge)


You can find some GPN photos at Lauschangriffs website. Entropia will publish its own gallery soon...

It's over!

Well, the GPN2 has finished, we're pretty tired and need a break for now :-). While our recording team is (hopefully) still uploading recordings, we are about to organise an according of right now, it looks promising. Apparently, the lecture slides didn't make it which is why we kindly ask all lecturers to resend them to melden.

The BNN wrote an article about us.

Slashdot,too - at least live from the GPN ;-)

General Information

Entropia e.V. (CCC Karlsruhe) hosts the GPN2 from 23. May to 25. May 2003.

As last year, we want to meet for three days to code, hack and shovel food, to listen to music and exchange ideas and to have a lots of phun.

There will be lectures on various topics in the auditorium. A hackcenter invites everyone to tinker and code. Food and drinks will be at an affordable cost.

Time and place

We decided to host the event from 23. May to 25. May (yes, it's "sadly" back to Friday to Sunday) so it doesn't collide with the Easterhegg in April and the ChaosCamp in August.

We will officially begin at 6 PM (we'll be open all of Friday, however - Thursday is Day 0 / Build up) and close on Sunday afternoon.

Since the rush on the event last year hass been too big for our own hacker space we will transfer the GPN2 in the old manufacturing hall of PFAFF-factory. They are located at the very east of Karlsruhe.

Photo (old PFAFF-factory on Amalienbadstraße, Hall B 33c / 2nd floor, continue there with our signs on site). Parking slots are limited (though generally available).


  • if arriving from A8 via Karlsruhe Triangle, towards A5 to Frankfurt
  • Exit: Karlsruhe/Durlach, exit at Durlach
  • if arriving from A5 - Exit: Karlsruhe/Durlach, exit at Durlach
  • continue straight forwardly at town entrance, 1. traffic lights: go ahead
  • take a right to the 1. street (Gritznerstraße) after approximately 50m
  • go ahead after one street
  • go to Gate 1 (old PFAFF-factory)
  • follow sign instructions throughout the area

N 48�59.798'
(Format: hddd�mm.mmm')

Pricing and Booking

  • regular rate - 15 Euro for all 3 days
  • CCC-Members - 10 Euro for all 3 days
  • Erfa-Members (intern) - 10 Euro for all 3 days
  • SSD e.V.-Members - 10 Euro for all 3 days
  • students (students <18 years only) - 10 Euro for all 3 days
  • Volunteers / Angels (after bilateral arrangement) - 10 Euro for all 3 days
  • Lecturers - free entry
  • Press: free entry (with registration and press badge/ID)
  • Entropia e.V. members (without debts!) - free entry

We have a registration script. Your registration is important and helps us to estimate a visitor total. Furthermore we share all available information with registered atendees.

Can I volunteer ?

Your attendance helps us with hosting the event in years to come.

We're always looking for interesting lectures - plus, as a lecturer you get a free entry ;-)

Even if you aren't interested in hsoting a lecture you can still support the event by helping out the the bar / cash desk / help desk or by becoming an announcement angel. Get in touch in the Club or .


You'll find an extended FAQ that is supposed to satify all your questions here: GPN2 - FAQ

Schedule (Fahrplan)

You'll find an up to date schedule and and lecture schedule here: Fahrplan

Get a ride

If you are looking for a ride or want to provide one, please take a look at this website: MitFahrgelegenheiten


We want to thank the following corporations for their kind support:

Sponsor raumfabrik.png

The Raumfabrik Durlach provided us with event rooms and medical facilities. This offer made the GPN2 possible in the first place. Special thanks go to Mister Essari and Mister Ochs who performed extra shifts for us.

Sponsor will be our Internet provider.


The guys from lent, for the second time, network and energy infrastructure hardware to us.

Sponsor leitwerk.gif

The Leitwerk provided us with hardware for the second time now, as well.

Sponsor druckcoop.png

The druck+co.op sponsored our flyers (too, for the second time!).

Sponsor schlund.gif

Our web appearance is hosted by Schlund & Partners and if necessary upgraded (Heiseticker-DOS).

This year's theme and logo are :

Termine GPN2LogoContestSubmissions GPN2Logo002color.jpg

Review: GPN1 (2002)

Pictures along with several videos from last year's lectures can be reviewed here: GPN 2002 - Bilder/Videos vom letzten Jahr