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Troll (actual appearance may differ)

Trolls are the friendly helpers on GPN – without them, the event would not exist.

Troll us

You can register in the troll system and look for available shifts.

Once you are registered, please go to the Info desk (if indeed one already exists) where the remaining formalities will be taken care of. In case of questions contact the meta troll (via email or DECT 8765(TROL)).

Please bring a DECT phone and register it before you start Trolling. For further information see hier.

What to Troll


Build-up will already begin on Wednesday (29th May) in the early morning at 10:00. Most heavy lifting is done on this day, such as setting tables, building the bar etc. If you can help with this work, please bring a sturdy pair of shoes, long trousers and (if you have any) a pair of protective gloves – after all, we'd prefer an accident-free build-up.

We are most grateful for every Troll who is willing to help us on Wednesday, which is why we will provide free mate and breakfast to helpers on this day.

On Thursday we also start at 10:00. Again, we need your help so that the GPN can start at 17:23 sharp as usual.

Want to help? GOTO Troll system


What has been built must come down again on Sunday. After the closing ceremony, we need as many helping hands as we can get to reset HfG's atriums to their original state. All assistance is welcome and will be rewarded with pizza in the end.

Want to help? GOTO Troll system



  • Breakfast: Fetch the valuables, set tables, prepare the buffet, clean up breakfast, brew coffee
  • Normal: Sell drinks, fetch supplies, sort empty bottles, brew coffee
  • Night shift: As normal + tidy the bar, give the floor a quick wipe, lock away valuables
  • Extras:
    • Starting from 20:00 until the bar closes: Mix Tschunk
  • Entropian: Keep an eye on everything, manage the tills, assign tasks

For most shifts, we need three people, one of which should be an Entropian. More people might be required during rush hour, please see the table of shifts.

For further information, the following How-To has been shamelessly pirated from GPN11.

As there always was confusion behind the bas, here is a Mini-How-To :)

Drinks & Snacks

  • The bar sells drinks and snacks
  • Depending on the amount of custom and availability of Trolls there will be one or two tills
  • Having a GPN19 cup grants you a flatrate for coffee and tea
  • Prices for drinks and snacks are cleary noted on the blackboard
  • Always make sure that the fridge is well stocked with bottles
  • In the evenings, the bar also mixes Tschunk. Usually somebody will prefer to do that. Otherwise, the recipe can be found here.
  • If there is nobody to operate the shift after yours, please give the tills to somebody with access to the cashier's room to lock them away.


  • The till must not be unattended at any time ever
  • The till will be emptied regularly. Only certain people are allowed to take money from the till; you will be introduced to them beforehand. Withdrawals must be noted down (amount taken and name of withdrawer) on the list located in the till.
  • Tschunk may only be sold to adults (18 years and older)! Please keep that in mind. If somebody appears to be younger, you may ask for ID. If you do not know somebody, better be safe than sorry – age is easily mis-estimated.

More details: GPN:Howto/Bar

Info desk

  • The info desk sells T-Shirts and collects donations
  • Furthermore, it is the first port of call for questions and problems of any kind
  • You can also print here
  • Together with collecting donations, you also laminate the badges
  • There is a separate till for donations, as well as a tally. Add one mark for every donation.
  • Anybody can donate as much as they wish. We recommend 25€.
  • Reserved T-Shirts must be collected until noon on Saturday. The rest will be sold off on Sunday at the latest.
  • If there is nobody to operate the shift after yours, please give the tills to somebody with access to the cashier's room to lock them away.

For further information, see the info desk's info page.

Want to help? GOTO Troll system