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Hacker seeks what he they lost

Hacker seeks documentation

Hacker seeks food

Hardware seeks Hacker

  • Zu verschenken:
    • Festplattenmagnete
    • IPod nano 5G (defekt)
    • 3 Minilautsprecher
    • ein Satz keycaps, clear, wahrscheinlich vollständig.
    • Bunte Pfeifenputzer
    • Kommt einfach im Hackcenter vorbei. Sitze in der Mitte bei der Pinball-Maschine. pony

Hacker seeks Hardware

  • Seeking 6mm rope for workshop 5466 will give back afterwards

-I have Polyester 10mm 14kN Rope 30m, I will be there. But need to get the Rope in the Hotel. Dect 2000

    • I have ~3.5m of 6mm Dyneema climbing rope. You can find me in the middle of Hackcenter, next to the (now broken) pinball box. Look for the tiny LED fan. pony
  • Seeking tripod for 30s exposures in the evening. Some lightpainting. || DECT:9631

Hacker seeks software

Hacker seeks Hacker

  • Suche Tour durch KIT Fakultät Informatik / Kontakt zu lokalen Studis Zmpvy (Diskussion) 14:42, 31. Mai 2019 (CEST) ; zmpvy (ät) mailbox (döt) org
  • Menschen oder Druffi für Gesellschaft gesucht || akuli (ät) riseup (dot) net
  • Offizielle inoffizielle GPN Amateurfunk Frequenz 2m 145.900 FM

Hackers seek hackers in their region

Hacker seeks Travel Companions

Hacker seeks Travel Tips

Hacker seeks education

  • I would like to know more about FLARM. You are familiar with it? Great. Speak to me. Twitter: @konkludenz
  • Looking for someone who can give me a bit of help with a Secure Scuttlebutt project, contact me on mastodon or call 2131 on saturday
  • Looking for someone who can help me get started contributing to their free software project, with the possibility of continued mentorship after the event. I have experience with: GNU/Linux, FreeBSD, Android app development, Python, Node.js and writing custom tooling for 8052 microcontrollers. I'd like to get better at: Ansible, algorithmic knowledge, (making tools for) AV production, C, electronics (especially STM32), emacs, Golang, home server/self-hosting tools, kernel stuff, Kotlin, Lisp, Nix, reverse engineering/infosec, and/or anything else interesting. Only disqualifier would be projects that required me to switch OS/distro/DE (I use Arch and Sway) to contribute to. tjg on hackint, tjg1 on freenode, or email tomg [ät] fastmail [dot] uk. P.S. Ich spreche kein deutsch.
  • Looking for an introduction to KiCad. Contact IeXitai1 on Hackint

Hacker seeks NGO

NGO seeks Hacker

Artist seeks Hacker

Hacker seeks Fun

Hacker seeks job

  • Looking for someone to share their experiences looking for work/working as an English-speaking professional in Germany or Scandinavia. Especially people who are self-taught with no formal CS education/university degree. tjg on hackint/tjg1 on freenode.

Cryptocurrency seeks Hacker / Hacker seeks Cryptocurrencies

Verkaufe gerne einen ZCash coin. @nomeata

Hacker seeks (self) medication

3557 :)

Free hugs