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(Hacker seeks education)
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** OK, gefunden:
** OK, gefunden:
* Dokumentation für Fernschreiber [[Benutzer:Zmpvy|Zmpvy]] ([[Benutzer Diskussion:Zmpvy|Diskussion]]) 14:57, 31. Mai 2019 (CEST)
* Dokumentation für Fernschreiber [[Benutzer:Zmpvy|Zmpvy]] ([[Benutzer Diskussion:Zmpvy|Diskussion]]) 14:57, 31. Mai 2019 (CEST)
** Für FS 200/FS 220: und
** Versuch, mehr per IFG zu bekommen:
==Hacker seeks food==
==Hacker seeks food==

Version vom 1. Juni 2019, 13:04 Uhr

Hacker seeks what he they lost

Hacker seeks documentation

Hacker seeks food

Hardware seeks Hacker

  • Zu verschenken:
    • Festplattenmagnete
    • IPod nano 5G (defekt)
    • 3 Minilautsprecher
    • ein Satz keycaps, clear, wahrscheinlich vollständig.
    • Bunte Pfeifenputzer
    • Kommt einfach im Hackcenter vorbei. Sitze in der Mitte bei der Pinball-Maschine. pony

Hacker seeks Hardware

  • Seeking 6mm rope for workshop 5466 will give back afterwards

-I have Polyester 10mm 14kN Rope 30m, I will be there. But need to get the Rope in the Hotel. Dect 2000

    • I have ~3.5m of 6mm Dyneema climbing rope. You can find me in the middle of Hackcenter, next to the (now broken) pinball box. Look for the tiny LED fan. pony

Hacker seeks software

Hacker seeks Hacker

  • Suche Tour durch KIT Fakultät Informatik / Kontakt zu lokalen Studis Zmpvy (Diskussion) 14:42, 31. Mai 2019 (CEST) ; zmpvy (ät) mailbox (döt) org
  • Menschen oder Druffi für Gesellschaft gesucht || akuli (ät) riseup (dot) net
  • Offizielle inoffizielle GPN Amateurfunk Frequenz 2m 145.900 FM

Hackers seek hackers in their region

Hacker seeks Travel Companions

Hacker seeks Travel Tips

Hacker seeks education

  • I would like to know more about FLARM. You are familiar with it? Great. Speak to me. Twitter: @konkludenz
  • Looking for someone who can give me a bit of help with a Secure Scuttlebutt project, contact me on mastodon or call 2131 on saturday
  • Looking for someone who can help me get started contributing to their free software project, with the possibility of continued mentorship after the event. I have experience with: GNU/Linux, FreeBSD, Android app development, Python, Node.js and writing custom tooling for 8052 microcontrollers. I'd like to get better at: Ansible, algorithmic knowledge, (making tools for) AV production, C, electronics (especially STM32), emacs, Golang, home server/self-hosting tools, kernel stuff, Kotlin, Lisp, Nix, reverse engineering/infosec, and/or anything else interesting. Only disqualifier would be projects that required me to switch OS/distro/DE (I use Arch and Sway) to contribute to. tjg on hackint, tjg1 on freenode, or email tomg [ät] fastmail [dot] uk. P.S. Ich spreche kein deutsch.
  • Looking for an introduction to KiCad. Contact IeXitai1 on Hackint

Hacker seeks NGO

NGO seeks Hacker

Artist seeks Hacker

Hacker seeks Fun

Hacker seeks job

  • Looking for someone to share their experiences looking for work/working as an English-speaking professional in Germany or Scandinavia. Especially people who are self-taught with no formal CS education/university degree. tjg on hackint/tjg1 on freenode.

Cryptocurrency seeks Hacker / Hacker seeks Cryptocurrencies

Verkaufe gerne einen ZCash coin. @nomeata

Hacker seeks (self) medication

3557 :)

Free hugs