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18. Gulaschprogrammiernacht

German Version

Hacking, goulash, lectures, cloud, tschunk, workshops, lounge, mate, fun with gadgets...

You can find these things and many more at the GPN18. Come around!

10. - 13. may 2018

Attending the GPN:

The Gulaschprogrammiernacht is an open event for everybody. A registration is desired so we can prepare better for the number of attendees and have enough goulash. Also we ask for donations from the people who can afford.

Since the Gulaschprogrammiernachtis organised by volunteers we rely on your help! We have a »Trollsystem« similar to the Engelsystem of the C3 where tasks are managed. In the last year 80 of the 1000 visitors helped out.


Date and Location

10. - 13. May 2018 in ZKM and HfG, Karlsruhe, Germany.

GPN15 HallenbauA.jpg


If you have questions that the FAQ can't answer you can get in touch with us.

Help us!

  • Volunteer at the event. For that please register at the Trollsystem!


Sleeping, Connecting, etc.