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Ein Workshop auf der GPN14.

Kopie von [[1]]

DIY Electronics Construction Kit from Duplo

The goal ist to create a set of instructions and guidelines on how to make an electronics construction and demonstration kit.


  • easy to make → no tools
  • cheap → even if a single set is moderately priced, a whole classrom can still be unaffordable
  • easy to acquire → no special parts.

Bricks. Not neccesarily Duplo. Anything similar should work.

Base plate. We need something to hold the bricks together.

Aluminium Foil. The thicker the better. I found some foil tape in my local hardware store that I will try out. The tricky bit is that most aluminium tape is plastic tape with aluminium either on the outside or the inside. This one is all aluminium.

electronic components:

  • LEDs
  • Resistors
  • Buttons
  • ...
  • Shopping list
  • Gather circuit instructions