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  • Reports on MQTT topic when the club status (open/closed) changes.
  • Sets the relays for the club power and status lights.
  • Offers REST API and status page via HTTP.
Ueberlastung in 2018
Ueberlastung in 2019


The relays control the Schaltstrom in the club, i.e. power outlets which are unpowered when the club is closed. They also control the lights on the traffic light outside the club door, indicating the current club status.

The switch on the left side of the enclosure allows one to turn the Club-Status system on or off.


On the SBC runs a Systemd service called 'clubstatus' which monitors the status of the two connected switches (door lock & club status). These switches are debounced using the debounce board that is installed on top of the hardware stack.

See the Github project for Ueberlastung for more details: or