C++ Achievements

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Warum sollen die Gamer all den Spass haben?

User Experience have your IDE crash
Sneaky produce a compiler error that occured in a different file from the one the error was actually in
Classy make a class
Vectorizer use a STL class
Literate Code use a type with template parameters that is longer than 50 characters
Zero Point Energy Device use a null pointer
Operation Leakspin make a memory leak
Isn't This Pretty? use an initialization list
Copy And Paste Every Time use an iterator
A Linker From The Past spend more than one hour hunting a single linker error
Lisp? The one with the parentheses? use five "}\n" in a row
Helpful produce a single compiler error that spans more than 5 pages
Heisenbug solve a bug that does not occur in debug mode
Pointy Haired Boss use a pointer
Point that Thing away from me! use **
Inception use ***
Limbo use ****